Bagh Serai

"The Golden Era of Ranthambore"

Searching for an escape away from hustle-bustle of metropolis life, This resort is one of the most endorsed luxurious resorts in Ranthambore as it promises to offer you the most idyllic setting for a flawless holiday retreat. Get ready to witness the majestic flora and fauna around you by hanging here as Jackals, Hare and Hyenas are a few of our regular visitor friends. “Bagh Serai” as the name suggests, offers eye-catching views of plush green farms, serene landscape, and organic farming in the resort. Adventure-filled days are bolstered by local produce-driven, sustainable dining, and the chance to unwind by the pool or on the fictile verandah of one of nine generously appointed villas. So, if you are scheduling to visit Ranthambore, Bagh Serai is home to not only the visitors of Ranthambore but also to cherished memories.

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In the lap of nature

Spread across the 6 acre huge land area, Bagh Serai has separate 2 acre land for farming purposes. This luxurious resort is draped up in the arms of around 1000 beautiful plants for your mind refreshment. Harmonizing barefoot luxury with sustainable living, Bagh Serai has been built using a low environmental impact approach to development. Carefully analyzing the footprint of every planning, each decision has been made following what nature can withstand and replenish, not simply with what she can provide. From our earthen-built spaces and mud-lined walls to our vernacular stones, from our choice of indigenous shrubs and trees to our organic farm employing local farmers and practices, Bagh Serai doesn’t stand out on the horizon, rather we complement it. Numerous flowering and fruit-bearing trees are planted across the resort which helps the visitors to forget all their worries and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our visitors fall in love with the aroma of our guava orchids and acclaim our practice of organic farming. Once you stay at our resort, we bet that you will carry more memories with you apart from the Ranthambore ones.

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Comfort Living

Stay near the spectacular tiger reserve and immerse yourself in nature's splendor. We provide a once-in-a-lifetime thrill in Bagh Serai. Mount yourself with the rustic beauty of Ranthambore's famed woods, relax in our artistically constructed rooms, enjoy the company of other like-minded and equally adventurous travelers from all over the world, savor the rich cuisines, and breathe in the wind of an unspoiled world. At the heart of Bagh Serai is a love for nature and all her resplendent beauty. In keeping with this affection and respect for its surroundings, each of our nine villas has been built using locally sourced materials and craftspeople. From their earthen, cooling walls to the star-filled sky that serves as the ceiling for your shower and accompanying personal plunge pool, our villas are made to accentuate the gifts of the outdoors rather than displace them. Staying at Bagh Serai is an adventure in and of itself, from taking a refreshing plunge in private pools to spending quality time over a drink or two at our poolside area, this serene resort has everything your soul needs for rejuvenation. To further allow our guests to experience the wonder of these forest inhabitants, we have created a water body at the heart of our property that allows for close-up brushes with several species. Kingfishers, flycatchers, rollers, orioles, egrets, and peacocks are but a few of our frequent visitors.

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Nature Walk

Experience the mystical experience of staying at Ranthambore with us where nature is treated as God. Every plant and tree are well maintained with utmost care here to let you feel heaven on the earth. A small brisk walk along these trails of landscape refreshes your mind and lets you connect with nature. What’s more soulful than the birds chirping melodiously as you walk through the opulent green garden area! The massive carpet of lush grass is one of its ways of welcoming you into the purest and most natural world. At Bagh Serai, we hold the jungle and its inhabitants with the utmost respect, inspiring our visitors to enjoy the bounty of nature with minimal impact on our friends in the forest. Once the sun sets, you can often spot a lively pair of jackals running through the orchard or a porcupine ambling through the vegetable patch. All by our belief that we are not here to encroach on the homes of these animals but rather to harmoniously coexist with them.

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